Please use the registration form below:

Entry form
Booking of food package and place for lorry, tent or camper
Reservation of stables

Instructions to the entry forms
There will be different forms to use for entry to the competitions classes, for reservation of boxes for
the horses, for ordering food package and booking of camping and lorry places.
Regarding the entry form you should first enter the names of the responsible person for the entries
as well as who will be responsible for payment of the entry fees. Then you will enter the competitors
and the horses as well as reserve horses. Regarding individuals there is one page per horse, and on
each page here, you enter all the individuals competing on the same horse.
You can go back and forth in the forms and please make sure everything is filled in correctly.
After finishing the forms you should, press ‘Send’ and you will receive a confirmation email and we
will receive the entry forms.
If you later find that something was wrong and has to be changed, you have to start from the
beginning and enter everything again. We will always use the latest form. Please inform us via email
if you experience some issues and we will try to help. After 1 June, it will not be possible to enter into
the forms again.
If there is something wrong or anything, please contact us via email: