We will send instructions on how to upload your music as well as an individual link via email.

Entry of the vaulting music for the CVI is handled using the Dropbox.com file sharing service.
– Each individual and team is assigned a folder for uploading their music – please don’t change the folder names.
– Supported file formats are mp3 and wav
– Name the files so it is easy to understand what it shall be used for, e.g. run-in, compulsory, kur, tech kur, and run-out
– The upload capability will be open until
Thursday 2017-06-08 (one week before the competition)
– We use the week before the competition to check that the files are playable and free from viruses.

In case you have not received the instruction mail by June 1st or have trouble with uploading the files? Please send an email to musik.cviflyinge@gmail.com

We will have music support open on Thursday 2017-06-15 between 16.00 – 18.00 (4pm – 6pm)