Useful information
Seem like there has been some problems with the compatibility between Safari and the CVI website, with the drop box not showing. That should be fixed now. Please find on the link below a document containing  useful information about competition. This has also been sent to all registered e-mail addresses.
Number of starts qualified for the second round will be the following:
Individual 2* (Children, Juniors and Seniors) :    All male vaulters and the 15 best placed female will be allowed to start in the second round.
Individual 3* :  All starters will start in all tests.
Pas-de-deux :  All starters will start in both rounds
Squad:  The 7 best placed squads in each class will be allowed to start in the second round.
Starting order for the second round will be according to option 2 in Article 708 in the FEI rules for vaulting. The starting order will be in reverse order of the results of the first round. If a horse or a lunger starts more than once there should be at least one horse in between. If vaulters started together on the same horse in the first round they may also start together on the same horse in the second round, ( but only the ones that are qualified for the second round). The starting order of the horse will then be decided from the lowest placed vaulter on the horse. The vaulters can also decide to start separately, one by one in the second round. Please inform the show office as soon as possible after results from the first round have been published.


Definite entries
Tomorrow is the  last day for definite entries. Also make sure to upload your  music before June 8th.


Nominated entries
Please send an e-mail with nominated entries to prior to May 1st.


Information about accomodation is now available. Please book via mail to
For more information see “Accomodation”


FEI approved schedule now available:

FEI Schedule
(On webpage please click on “Schedule” for the Show details in PDF)